The RECDEV idea is to offer a multilingual 3D platform in which the users is able to learn to disassemble WEEE devices. The goal of the project was to deliver a dynamic system, in which more appliances and disassembly information would be able to be added from the authorized users online. For this reason the development of a relational database took place to host the scenarios, the users and multimedia information about equipment, materials, dangerous substances, etc. The scenarios are setup by content authors that will select the 3D models they need (devices and other objects), and give them “properties” by assigning them the necessary scripts. All the scenario information will be stored in the database. This architecture offers the content authors the ability to modify the scenarios, to replicate them, to combine existing ones and to create new using the available 3D models.  Then, a 3D player acts as the front end for the trainees. The user can select the appliance that wants to learn, and disassemble it step by step previewing all the time the 3D model and the relevant multimedia information. The 3D player contains all the 50 devices in all partners’ languages.

The user by selecting appliances can see the main categories. Selecting a category the appliances under this category are found. Clicking on an appliance the user can see the dissasembly steps and the actual dissasembly of the 3D device.


App versions:

Click here for installation manual.

Latest Version:

Version 43 (click version to download)

Update Notes:

1- Search Functionality in dangerous materials added.

Older Versions:

Version 42 (click version to download)

Update Notes:

1- UI Fixes

2- Scrollbar bug fixed

3- 3D models scaling fixed

4- 3D canvas camera optimised

5- UI colour palate updated


version 41

First public release of the software. 

RECDEV | Innovative solutions for WEEE Recycling Industry


Project number540527-LLP1-2013-1-GR-LEONARDO-LMP

Contract no. 3013-3087/001-001

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication – Portal - reflects the views only of the author - the RECDEV consortium - and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 
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